Filson + Magnum Harvey Messenger photo bag

Filson + Magnum Harvey Messenger Bag Review

Filson + Magnum Harvey Messenger Bag

Filson + Magnum Harvey Messenger Bag

I’ve been a professional photographer in various disciplines of the medium for over 26 years, since I graduated from college. I started out assisting an architectural photographer for two years, then followed that with another two years in the field as a photojournalist in Asia. Since then, over the past two decades, almost all of my photography work has been in advertising and packaging.

Back in the 80’s, I saved up for two years as a teenager to buy my first Leica (a used M3 and a Canadian 50mm Summicron).  Since then, my favorite camera form has been the rangefinder. After almost 29 years, I finally gave up my Leica M analog system in 2009, as I simply was no longer using film. When I decided to get back into using a camera again outside of my daily work in fashion photography, my choices were digital rangefinder forms: Leica M digital or Fuji X systems.  I had been researching the Fuji X and Leica M digital systems online, and Google inevitably led me to Patrick’s superb site,

Although Patrick is primarily a Leica M user, his extensive writing on the Fuji X system ultimately led me to those cameras, rather than going back to the Leica M. Since the winter of 2014, I’ve been using the Fuji X system professionally for architecture work, with street photography for fun. It was for the latter that I wanted to get a new camera bag.

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