Shooting Interiors & Exteriors with Fuji’s XF 10-24mm Lens

FUJI XF 10-24 f4: Ideal Lens for Architecture


Interior shot with Fuji's XF 10-24mm lens

Interior shot with Fuji’s XF 10-24mm lens


Fuji’s X series lens lineup (including Zeiss’s three X mount lenses) is one of the primary reasons the system has been so well received by both professionals and informed enthusiasts. Even their first-generation line-up of primes performs very well, especially with all of the firmware updates.

Like Patrick of, I’ve been a decades-long, Leica M user (almost 30 years) and have a penchant for primes rather than zooms. Working professionally for 26 of those years, however, meant that I used my fair share of zooms as well. So while I have a sentimental attachment to the rangefinder film camera and prime lenses, when I’m working for pay, I won’t hesitate to use any tool (digital, zooms, post-processing software) to improve my efficiency and the quality of the images I’m providing to a client.

As a fashion photo producer for the nation’s biggest brand, all of our photographers use big DSLR’s with zooms. The quality is more than sufficient, and the zoom eliminates the time it takes to move the camera back and forth (or up and down) in a studio setting.

I also shoot architecture for real estate investors and property owners. An ultra-wide zoom saves a lot of time when working in a tight, indoor location (e.g. condominiums). What follows here is NOT a review of the Fuji 10-24mm, but rather how I use it specifically for shooting houses and properties.

Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Fuji's 10-24mm f4 Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Fuji’s 10-24mm f4 Wide Angle Zoom Lens

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