My Real Estate Photography featured in Toronto Life

Yes, I still use the old, reliable, Fuji X-Pro1 camera bodies for my real estate photography. my professional work is featured in Toronto Life magazine’s House of the Week –


I’ll write more about the techniques I used to do the shoot.  But I hope my readers like the work.


5 thoughts on “My Real Estate Photography featured in Toronto Life

  1. It’s a funny world when a camera the is only 4-5 years in age is ‘old’, but of course this is the truth of the digital age. I enjoy my X-Pro 1, and as much as the new version is much improved, I’m only moving on when I really need too. I work at Evergreen Brick Works and had an opportunity to play with the new version at a Fuji event this week. It’s essentially the same, but certainly a much more mature and tighter camera all round.

    Nice to see your work featured. You have a very particular style and colour approach on the interior shots – very rich and textured.

    • Hello;
      Thank you very much for the kind words on my work. I really appreciate that! The way I deal with the dynamic range, colour, and contrast developed out of continual feedback from my clients. This past year alone, I did over 750 location shoots, mostly for real estate, some for home builders, interior designers, etc. Combined with previous years of location shooting, I developed a certain way of shooting and processing my photographs that worked for my clients’ taste.

      In the next few days, I’ll add the technical details to this post of how my work method for real estate photography with the Fuji X system. I’m very happy to share as I believe –

      1. There are no secrets
      2. After graduating college in photography, my real education in photo technique was thanks to the half dozen professional photographers whom I assisted for in my first few years into my career. If it wasn’t for their willingness to share, within the apprentice system of our industry, I wouldn’t have the technical knowledge that I have today. So I’m happy to pass on what I’ve learned as well

      I was at the Brick Works event as well! I agree – while the X-Pro2 is obviously a big leap forward, I have no immediate intention of buying one to replace my “aging” X-Pro1 bodies. I’ll probably wait at least to end of the year before I do so.

      I’m still very happy with my current X-Pro1 cameras. For my fun work, street shooting, they still work great when set manually. And they are still providing me with a living when it comes to photographing houses and buildings. So there’s no need for me to rush into new equipment right now!

      Best regards, Marco

  2. Coming from another x-pro1 user, awesome work Marco! So much details you can pull out of these aging x-pro1 sensor 🙂 Can’t wait to read the techniques you used on your shoot.

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